Front-End Development

Whether it’s HTML5 using Angular, React or other frameworks, or our clients have a strictly defined framework.

We work hard to push the boundaries of beautiful interaction. We consider our Front-end development colleagues an extension of the design team. They are just as responsible for a wow experience.

Systems Integration

MNS is not a systems integration company. But we have enough expertise so that our clients SI partner and internal back end technology team loves us.

Our Back End team ensure that all our work is easy to integrate and maximises our clients back-end services capabilities.

Mobile Apps

We develop iPhone and Android apps. Whether its native or responsive adaptive approach that is usable across all platforms we make sure to leverage the unique features of each phone.

MNS has years of experience in delivering enterprise level apps that are used by end customers as well as our clients’ internal staff.


MNS brings e-commerce thinking to all of the projects we are involved in. In the e-commerce world the fastest path to purchase wins.

We develop big cross platform e-commerce presences for some of the most recognisable brands.

Internet Of Things

At MNS, we know the internet is all around us. We work hard to make sure our clients are connected on all relevant items.

It can be as simple as a campaign that links the digital world to the physical world to get customers excited.

Or a deeply integrated iBeacon strategy to bring real world impulses back onto our clients apps.

Augmented Reality

We take AR literally. We believe digital can Augment our clients Reality.

We work with clients to see how their brand can make their customers’ lives better through AR.